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Drift King

Drift King

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Revolutionize Your Workspace with the Drift King

Unleash the thrill of drifting right at your workspace! Elevate any surface into a personal drifting haven with the Drift King.

Precision Drifting at Your Command

Empowered by the advanced P21 SVC Remote control, the Drift King presents a range of tuning options. Tailor steering and throttle sensitivities for conquering diverse tracks. Experiment with gyro sensor traction control to execute stunning sideways maneuvers.

Enhance Relaxation with Drifting

The Drift King brings a serene touch to your daily routine. Glide around desk objects, unwind with a drifting session, and admire the engineering finesse that responds with unparalleled precision.

Masterful Gyro Steering

Achieve mastery over your drifting experience with gyro steering correction. Strike the perfect balance between effortless drifting and nimble cornering by adjusting settings through the remote.

Sleek Metal Drift Tires

Featuring sleek metal drift tires, the Drift King gains weight for graceful navigation through turns. Experience the challenge and satisfaction of executing flawless corner exits.

Fully Proportional Steering

In the world of drifting, precision is key. The Drift King ensures accuracy with a fully proportional steering setup. Make minute adjustments during your drifts for a seamless and controlled experience.

Hear From Our Happy Drifters!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I'm amazed at the performance of Drift King. The metal drift tires and gyro steering provide an authentic drifting feel. It's surprisingly easy to control, and the battery life is impressive. I love the quick charging time; it means more time drifting and less time waiting. This is not just a desk gadget; it's a mini-drifting masterpiece!" - Sarah L.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This has transformed my work breaks into thrilling drifting adventures! The precision steering and gyro controls make it a joy to navigate around my desk. It's like having a tiny race car right at my fingertips. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a unique and entertaining break from the daily grind." - Alex M.


How long is the battery life?
Enjoy 30-45 minutes of playtime, influenced by your chosen settings.

What is the charging time?
The Drift King charges in just 30 minutes, ensuring a quick turnaround between drifting sessions.

Does it come with a charger?
Certainly! The Drift King includes a USB-C charging cable for your convenience.

Why do my wheels keep turning?
Fine-tune the gyro-controlled traction system via the controller to correct wheel movement as needed.

Why is my steering unresponsive?
Ensure your Drift King is charged, turned on, and both the car and remote are functioning correctly. Adjust steering trim and sensitivity settings if necessary.

Why is my car moving slowly?
Check the charge status and disable the speed limiter for optimal performance.

Is it RWD or AWD?
The Drift King operates as RWD (rear-wheel drive), delivering an authentic drifting experience. 🚘

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Eudora Gutkowski

One of the best shopping in recent times!)

Ernie Hansen

Mega good product, I am very satisfied, in order to be able to drift with it decently, the surface must be smooth and the adjustment of the gyro on the remote control must be minimized a bit. By the way, I was very surprised that my model has already come with the metal upgrade (front bumper), a big plus for that.

PS: I did not have to pay customs (Switzerland) like other dealers, so I would highly recommend the dealer.

Jorge Lang

Got one of the drift models. No complains, everything works. It is very fast and drifts as it should.

Cara Fritsch

Take it without thinking, it turned out better than I expected. You play as you get bored😁Driving modes of the car are very good, you will not regret.

Jovanny Durgan

Drift King