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Transform Your Environment with LuminaWave Smart Curtain Lights

Step into an enchanting world of vibrant colors and dynamic light with LuminaWave Smart Curtain Lights. Featuring an impressive array of 400 LEDs, these lights transcend mere decoration, offering you a portal to craft your mesmerizing light spectacle.

Ignite Your Imagination with LuminaWave 

Embark on a journey of limitless creativity with LuminaWave . Our versatile DIY Mode empowers you to design, customize, and manifest your unique lighting visions. Ensure every occasion is illuminated exactly the way you envision, letting your creativity shine.

Elevate Your Space with Radiant Vibes

Infuse any room with an elevated ambiance using our curtain lights. More than just illumination, they are creators of atmosphere. Whether it's a calming blue for relaxation, a vibrant yellow for energy, or romantic reds and pinks for intimate evenings, these lights have the power to transform the entire mood of your space.

Craft Your Festive Wonderland

For Christmas, New Year's, and all your celebratory moments, LuminaWave Smart Curtain Lights are the key to transforming your space into a holiday wonderland. Elevate the joy of the season as these lights not only add to the festivities but stand as a centerpiece of your holiday decor.



''The LuminaWave Smart Curtain Lights exceeded my expectations! The DIY Mode is a game-changer, allowing me to create unique lighting designs for every occasion. The quality is fantastic, and they've truly transformed my space.'' - Alex Turner


''Creating holiday magic has never been easier! The LuminaWave lights turned my home into a festive wonderland during Christmas. The vibrant colors and easy customization make them a must-have for any celebration.'' - Jessica Martinez

Convenient Remote Management

Effortlessly control your LuminaWave lights with hands-free convenience through the app. Ideal for setting up surprises or making quick adjustments on-the-go.

Waterproof Wonder

Embrace worry-free illumination with LuminaWave's curtain lights and control box, both boasting an impressive IP65 rating. The adapter holds a sturdy IP44 rating, ensuring suitability for both indoor spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and game rooms, as well as outdoor settings, including patios. Enjoy the magic of LuminaWave lights, rain or shine.

Expand Your Creativity with LuminaWave

Unlock boundless creative possibilities with LuminaWave! Effortlessly connect up to 4 sets of our LuminaWave curtain lights, expanding the canvas of your imaginative lighting patterns. Your space, your design—let LuminaWave illuminate your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What comes in the package for installation?

A: The package includes all necessary items for installation, such as hooks, adhesive tape, seamless nails, and a comprehensive instruction manual to guide you through the process.

Q: Where can LuminaWave curtain lights be installed?

A: LuminaWave curtain lights are versatile and suitable for various locations, including bedrooms, living rooms, game rooms, outdoor patios, and more. They are designed to enhance any space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Q: How many sets of LuminaWave lights can be connected or linked together?

A: You can seamlessly connect up to 4 sets of LuminaWave lights, enabling you to create larger and more intricate lighting displays for any space or occasion.

Q: Can these lights be controlled with a smartphone?

A: Certainly! LuminaWave lights are designed for remote control via a smartphone app, allowing you to effortlessly change colors, patterns, and settings.

Q: Is there a warranty for the lights?

A: Yes, we provide a one-year limited warranty starting from the date of purchase, offering assurance and peace of mind for your investment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Casandra Parisian

Everything is in perfect order, I'm pleasantly surprised at how many different shapes it can display. Thank you for the fast delivery.

Mekhi Rath

Great, as description and fast delivery, well packed

Renee Hand

I didn't know how it worked but in the end everything was super good, we loved it, I recommend it.

Rudy Anderson

Excellent🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇This product is amazing

Kenyon Stehr

Excellent Product, met all my expectations, looks amazing, product 100% recommended